FishEhoBase is a project launched by the fair-fish international association in 2013.
It is currently advanced by a research team of six persons and supported by various institutions and foundations (see right column).

While intensively continuing our research with the aim to ethologically describe as many as species as possible, joint with some general advice on improving its welfare in farming, we plan to create, step by step, a research institute to give our future research and consultancy a stable and independent basis.

For institutions and persons interested in supporting our activity and the institute's setup, we have developed various donation steps reaching from EUR 3,500 for the update of an altready existing ethological short orofile o a species to EUR 13.600 to conduct and evaluate the annual stakeholder dialogue to EUR 19.500 for a new full profile to EUR 65.000 to purchase and establish an office, and many other steps more.
Please ask for a copy of the brochure.

Donations can also be made directly to:
IBAN: CH68 0900 0000 8503 8259 6
Bank: PostFinance, 3030 Berne, Switzerland

Thank you very much for your help!






Supporters of FishEthoBase so far:
Open Philanthropy, San Francisco USA (2017-2021)
Stiftung Dreiklang, Basel CH (2014-2021)
Stitung Edith Maryon, Basel CH (2015, 2018-2020)
​Centre of Effective Altruism, Oxford UK (2019-2020)
Elisabeth-Rentschler-Stiftung, Zürich CH (2013, 2019)
Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, Bern CH (2016-2019)
Uniscientia Stiftung, Zürich CH (2019)
Haldimann-Stiftung, Aarau CH (2016-2017)
Eva Husi-Stifung für Tierschutz, Bern CH (2015-2016)
Schwyzer-Riniker-Stiftung, Zürich CH (2015)
Zürcher Tierschutz, Zürich CH (2014-2015)
Rüegg-Bollinger-Stiftung. Wettingen CH (2014)
Europäische Tierschutzstiftung, Urdorf CH (2014)
Gust und Lyn Guhl-Stiftung, Schöfflisdorf CH (2013)